Top Three Advantages of Concrete Driveways Over Asphalt

Are you looking to install a new driveway in your home? When it comes to residential driveway installation, you have two main paving materials to choose from — concrete and asphalt. Both of these materials have unique properties, advantages and disadvantages that should be reviewed before deciding which one is best for your driveway construction needs.  Below are some fantastic reasons to choose concrete over asphalt. Concrete Driveways Last Longer [Read More]

A Look at Some of the Best Excavator Attachments for House Demolitions

The excavator is one construction equipment you will not miss at a house demolition site. With the right attachments, contractors can use excavators for different activities involved in house demolition, right from pulling down the structure to separating and handling the debris. Among the wide range of excavator attachments that can make a big difference in your house demolition project include the following. Rippers As the name suggests, this excavator attachment is for ripping down building structures and breaking down hard surfaces in preparation for further excavation work. [Read More]

Time to Resurface

The need to resurface an asphalt driveway is one that a large number of people find to be inevitable. And once you have noticed that your asphalt driveway needs to be resurfaced, it is advisable to get it done with no further delay because as you continue to delay, the asphalt driveway continues to deteriorate in terms of aesthetic appeal and also in relation to the structural integrity of the driveway. [Read More]

Coloured Concrete for Someone Special

Coloured concrete makes for great construction material. The reason why many people shy away from coloured concrete is that it is often slightly more expensive than standard concrete. If you are thinking about getting coloured concrete, you will agree that the slightly higher cost is well justified considering the impact of adding a dash of colour to residential concrete surfaces. If you have to choose between where to install coloured concrete around the house and where not to, here are a few suggestions based on who is likely to appreciate the extra dash of colour more. [Read More]