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A Look at Some of the Best Excavator Attachments for House Demolitions

The excavator is one construction equipment you will not miss at a house demolition site. With the right attachments, contractors can use excavators for different activities involved in house demolition, right from pulling down the structure to separating and handling the debris.

Among the wide range of excavator attachments that can make a big difference in your house demolition project include the following.


As the name suggests, this excavator attachment is for ripping down building structures and breaking down hard surfaces in preparation for further excavation work. Rippers pull down the structures fast, and as such, you can look forward to the contractors sticking to or even beating the time set for your house demolition.


Breakers are a better alternative to other digger attachments where there is a need to break up concrete, rocks and hard ground. This comes in handy at various house demolition stages, especially for concrete structures.

Clamshell Grab Bucket

Depending on the specifics of the jobs, you can choose a clamshell grab with or without teeth on the bucket. During house demolition, this attachment can be used to grab structural beams and other heavy materials. It can also be used to pull at and pull down weak spots. After the house demolition, this attachment can be very useful in moving the heavy debris.


The grapple, also referred to as just a grab, is commonly used for the removal of debris after a house demolition. Grapples come in a range of designs, with apparent differences in the number of claws or fingers.

Getting the Selection Right

As already pointed out, different excavator attachments serve different purposes. Your contractor will select an attachment depending on the task at hand and will swap accordingly when that task is done with, and it is onto the next one.

On the other hand, versatile attachments make it possible to use the same attachment for different tasks. Not only does this save on equipment hire, but it also helps cut back on the time that would have otherwise been spent on swapping between the different attachments.

In the end, selecting the right excavator attachments to use during house demolition comes down to your needs and the worksite. These attachments are, after all, made to fit different sizes of excavators.

In Conclusion

While the outlined examples certainly do not constitute an exhaustive list of excavator attachments, they are invaluable in any house demolition project. Your demolition services contractor will know what to select to match your specific project needs.