The Ins And Outs Of Concrete Sealing

Reasons to Edge Your Garden Beds with Concrete Kerbing

A way to enhance your garden is to edge the garden beds with continuous concrete kerbing. Doing so will keep the soil in place and prevent runoff. Your garden will be neater as a result. While different materials are available, here are several reasons to opt for concrete.

Smooth Edges

To create this edging, the concrete is extruded by a machine in a precise way. It can form a natural, organic winding border or perfectly straight lines. Because the concrete forms a continuous line, the edges look smoother and more polished. On the other hand, if you use bricks or planks, the border will typically have jagged parts and not be as professional and even. The contractors will usually include discreet control joints to encourage the concrete to crack at those points if it needs to. This will prevent the concrete from randomly cracking in any spot as it naturally expands and contracts due to weather fluctuations.

Colours and Textures

You may prefer an alternative to concrete as you want edging with colours and textures rather than grey cement. However, concrete edging comes in many different styles, and some can mimic substances such as bricks, slate pavers, and timber sleepers. Concrete is versatile, and colour can be applied at different stages. For example, the kerbing may use integrally coloured concrete with pigments added at the mixing stage. However, other methods apply colour hardeners after the kerbing is laid to create marbling and antiquing effects. The kerbing is also textured to mimic the surface of different elements, such as grout lines between pavers.

Durable Concrete

One of concrete's greatest assets is its durable nature. Thus, you can enjoy the look of other substances that it can mimic while reaping the benefits of its resilience. Unlike timber, concrete doesn't warp or rot, and it won't attract termites to your garden. If your concrete kerbing has decorative colours and textures, though, make sure to have it sealed regularly to protect it from the elements. Avoid spraying the kerbing with garden chemicals that can cause stains. Your contractor can advise you on what specifically to avoid.

Use in Other Areas

You can also use concrete kerbing in other spots on your property to create a unified look. For example, you could edge the driveway. The kerbing comes in different profiles, some rounded and sloping on one side to make lawn mowing easier. Other kerb shapes are higher and more angular. Because you can customise the kerb's colour and texture, you can easily integrate it with the landscape.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for concrete kerbing services near you.