The Ins And Outs Of Concrete Sealing

Reasons for Installing Decorative Concrete Over Your Driveway

Many surfaces are possible for a home driveway. One option to consider is decorative concrete. Consider the following reasons for using this on your property.

Durable and Strong

A concrete driveway is long-lasting and tough. Thus, it will withstand the elements. Plus, this paving can carry heavy cars driving over the surface. Contractors can reinforce the concrete by embedding steel mesh and pouring concrete around it. They can also increase the density of the cement mix to bear the weight of heavy trucks.

Mimic Natural Stone

You can mimic pavers with decorative concrete. Pigments can be added to the cement mix before it's poured. Additionally, stains and dyes can be applied to hardened concrete to emulate the natural variations found in rock. Contractors can treat the concrete, for example, so that it shows grey and blue blends, with touches of tan, thus emulating slate. To mimic individual pavers, contractors press moulding stamps onto the cement before it dries. So, you can enjoy the look of natural stone using durable and economical concrete.

Easy Maintenance

A concrete driveway is easy to look after, not requiring much upkeep. Regularly sealing the concrete as recommended will block the pores in the paving from absorbing liquids and staining. The textures and colours of decorative concrete help to disguise stains, which won't be as apparent as they would be on smooth grey concrete. To keep the area clean, you might use a leaf blower or garden hose occasionally.

No Weeding

If you lay a concrete slab, you won't have to worry about grass and weeds sprouting up all over your driveway. As the drive typically covers a large area, such weeding can be laborious. However, concrete doesn't provide gaps for this to eventuate, so you can enjoy your free time and not waste it on unavoidable chores.


Because concrete is so versatile and can be treated with so many colours and textures, it allows you to create a cohesive property and coordinate different areas. For example, you could carry themes from the driveway and use them on the patio and paths. For example, you might lay a concrete driveway that mimics bluestone pavers. You could lay paving in the patio area with a similar faux-bluestone border. You don't have to repeat the paving exactly, but you can echo certain elements. You can also pull out colours from the external walls and the garden to use in the paving. Reach out to a professional for a concrete driveway.