The Ins And Outs Of Concrete Sealing

Benefits Of Coloured Concrete Pavers For Your Driveway

If you're looking to upgrade your driveway, there's no need to stick with flat grey concrete. Why not install coloured concrete pavers? Here are several benefits of doing this.

Endless Colours

Concrete pavers are available in endless colours. Because they're human-made, you're not limited by what nature offers. Thus, you can create a highly customised look for your driveway to perfectly match the environment. Install one continuous colour, or create a multitoned effect by interspersing blue and grey amongst earthy fawn pavers. With concrete, you can have the option of custom hues and shapes so your driveway will be totally personalised. Concrete pavers can also replicate various other substances such as granite, sandstone or clay bricks. Whether your home is rustic or modern, you can install a surface to suit its aesthetic.

Various Shapes And Patterns

By installing a surface using many individual pavers, you automatically add interest and detail. Select between shapes such as rectangular, square or hexagon. Additionally, you can arrange these forms in multiple ways. Herringbone patterns create durable driveways, and running bond or classic basketweave designs are other possibilities. Random rectangular patterns combine variously sized square and rectangular pavers, creating staggered joins. To generate an organic feel, select irregularly shaped pavers. A border in a contrasting colour and pattern will finish off the driveway with a polished look.

Durable And Resilient

Concrete pavers can endure all kinds of weather. As the earth shifts in minute degrees, individual pavers allow for slight movement, which lessens the likelihood of cracking. For a surface that needs to withstand heavy vehicle loads, typically, an extra deep layer of sand and compacted crushed stone form the underneath base layer. You can customise your paving installation to suit its intended use with different sub-bases.

Low Maintenance And Easy Access

Only occasional sweeping and rinsing is all your drive will typically need. Pressure washing and spot cleaning with a brush and detergent are other options — check with your contractor for the specific care instructions on how to remove grease or oil. In any case, you can remove and replace any individual colour concrete pavers. This flexibility also provides access to underground plumbing and other infrastructure. You can lift the pavers and reinstate when the required work is complete.

With a massive variety of colours and shapes, concrete is one of the most flexible landscape materials. It also forms a hard-wearing cover so you can enjoy your beautiful driveway without fussing too much over its care.