The Ins And Outs Of Concrete Sealing

Advantages Of Stray-On Concrete Around Your Home

If your concrete driveway, paths or patios are looking old and worn, you may be able to refresh the surfaces with spray-on concrete. This process involves spraying a cement mix across the existing pavement. Here are several advantages of this.

Quick And Convenient

Spray-on concrete is quicker and more convenient than re-laying new concrete. Rather than pulling up the existing surface, contractors can spray a decorative cement compound over the top. You'll be able to use the area relatively quickly, rather than it being out of bounds for extended periods while demolition and construction take place. 

Additionally, the fresh coat will eliminate minor flaws and stains with a new layer. You won't need to concern yourself with cleaning and treating these problems.

Numerous Decorative Options

Contractors can apply various decorative techniques to your newly sprayed concrete, so you'll have plenty of options. A combination of stencils and diverse colours can mimic the appearance of ceramic tiles with grout lines or the appearance of natural stone paving. Because the concrete spray mix can be virtually any colour and the stencil options are vast, the range of design options is endless. 

Rather than replicating the look of substances such as ceramic and stone, you can inject bright pigments into the mix and create artistic geometric designs in blues, yellows and reds. For a nuanced effect, experts can apply various speckles of different colours to create a flecked finish. To add interest and to organise your outdoors, incorporate a border in a contrasting tone.

Increases Your Home's Value

Updating your driveway and garden will usually increase your home's value. If you're selling the property, spray-on concrete is the ideal upgrade to create a polished exterior. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy your new smart landscape.

Durable And Long Lasting

After it's sealed and cured, the spray-on concrete forms a durable surface, typically lasting many years. The mixture includes additional substances that render the surface robust, and sealers help to improve its porosity so it can resist stains more easily. 

Spray-on concrete provides a cost-effective and convenient way to upgrade your home. Its versatility and convenience allow you to harmonise your entire landscape. So long as the existing pavement is structurally sound, you can spray patios, pathways, driveways and pool areas. Special non-slip finishes keep everyone safe poolside. Once set, the cement will require little upkeep, so you can appreciate your home without having to waste time on boring maintenance jobs.