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3 Top Issues that Concrete Contractors Face in the Paving Industry

The paving sector has been gaining traction over the past few years. This is all thanks to the 10-year infrastructure investment plan by the Australian government. The plan has ensured there are enough contracts to go around despite the tight competition in the paving segment. That said, new contractors need to find out key issues that concrete contractors face in the day-to-day running of the business. Your knowledge of these issues will allow you to put strategies in place to help you overcome the challenges. This write-up highlights tops issues that concrete contractors face in the paving industry.

Rework -- Although not common, rework is a significant issue that paving contractors have to deal with in some projects. Typically, you might be called for rework when the finished paving does not meet certain standards. For instance, if the corners of the pavement do not appear natural, you may be recalled to do the work again and use the right type of paving on the edges. Usually, rework is caused by poor communication with other contractors and with the client. Therefore, if you want to avoid rework on your paving projects, you have to come up with effective communication channels. This way, everybody will be on the same page, thereby avoiding critical mistakes during construction.

Increased Construction on Challenging Sites -- As the urban population grows, construction has shifted from stable sites to more challenging sites. A great example is a site where the primary type of soil is clay. It is tough to lay paving on such ground conditions without using soil stabilisation techniques. If you construct paving as you would on a stable site, then the pavement will not last. The constant shifting of the less stable ground will cause cracks and fractures to the pavement, consequently forcing you to redo the work. Therefore, as more paving is constructed on challenging sites, pavers must be prepared with the right strategies to protect their pavements.

Slow Uptake of Pavement Maintenance Plans -- Once a concrete company has completed a paving project, they hand it over to the customer ready for use. Over time, the pavements will begin to degrade since they are exposed to the elements. It is for this reason that concrete companies usually offer maintenance plans to their clients. Unfortunately, the uptake of this plan is slow, as customers believe that their pavements will hold their own for a very long time. As such, concrete companies have their work cut out as they try to convince clients to take advantage of the maintenance plans on offer. One way you can convince clients to do so is to provide free maintenance to the paving for the first one or two years.

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