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Two Reasons to Get a Concrete Barrier Wall Installed to Redirect Road Traffic When Doing Road Repairs

When repairs have to be done to a damaged road, those involved often have to redirect the vehicles that would usually travel on that road. In most cases, they will do this by putting up a barrier that forces motorists to travel in a particular direction. Whilst some choose to make this barrier with traffic cones, concrete barriers are usually a much better choice. Read on to find out why.

A concrete barrier is almost impervious to the effects of the elements

Unlike traffic cones, a concrete barrier, cast and put in place by a concrete contractor, is practically impervious to the negative effects of the elements. For example, whilst even heavy traffic cones could be knocked over by pelting raindrops or a violent gust of wind, a concrete barrier will stay motionless in these conditions.

This is important to note, for the following reason: if the traffic cones are easily destabilised by strong winds or rain, then there is a chance that they could get knocked over and start to roll towards the vehicles that are driving along the newly created route. This could cause an accident if any of the motorists swerve or brake to avoid colliding with a rogue traffic cone that is in their path. An immovable concrete barrier, on the other hand, would not cause accidents like this, even during a period of extremely bad weather.

A concrete barrier will not be stolen or rendered useless by vandalism

Concrete barriers are also a better choice in instances where the barrier on the road has to be kept in place for several days, as the longer a temporary barrier like this is left in a public area, the more likely it is to catch the attention of local vandals and other troublemakers. A barrier made out of concrete will be harder for these individuals to do any real damage to.

For example, whilst traffic cones could easily be picked up and taken by mischievous local teenagers, concrete barriers are far too heavy and secure to be casually stolen in this manner. This means that if those doing the road repairs use concrete barriers, the risk of their barrier going missing (and them having to order a new one) will be practically non-existent.

Similarly, whilst traffic cones could easily be rendered unusable if they are squashed or cut up by vandals, concrete barriers are too solid to be damaged by people kicking them or scraping sharp objects across them. As such, even if vandals do try to attack the barrier, they are unlikely to do anything that will affect its usability.

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