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Barrier Walls: Care and Maintenance of Precast Concrete Panel Wall Systems

Barrier walls are a great way to protect your home by enhancing weather tightness, for instance, in a windy place.  A popular method is the use of precast concrete panels to construct the walls. Manufacturers make them in a controlled factory environment. The concrete is mixed and poured into a reusable mould and then cured. Concrete can last up to 100 years. Here are four care and maintenance tips for precast concrete panel barrier wall systems.  


If the concrete gets dirty, ensure that you clean it with water and a mild detergent. It is vital to check the manufacturer's instructions before using any product on your precast concrete wall. Use a fibre brush. A hard-bristled brush will damage the concrete. Ensure that you soak all surrounding masonry before you begin cleaning. If you do not do this, the dirty water will soak into the masonry and stain it. Those stains are tough to remove. Do not use storebought cleaners and bleaches on the concrete. These are likely to cause irreparable damage. Furthermore, they can weaken it and shorten the wall's life span. Rinse off all soap with running water.  

Avoid Impacts and Very High Temperatures 

During the barrier wall installation, you should be careful not to drop the panels. That is because the impact can break the concrete panels. Your wall can also be damaged if hit with heavy objects. For instance, hand carts banged against it can destroy it. Ensure that you install your gate such that when you open it, it doesn't hit the wall. Precast walls can be damaged this way.  

Do not weld against your precast concrete panel wall. The resulting expansion can cause the aggregates to rupture. When aggregates burst, the damage affects all parts of the panel. You will be able to see the effects on the surface. It will weaken your precast panels.  

Avoid Contaminants 

Precast concrete is extremely porous. Most liquids will quickly seep into the material. After they are in, any attempt to remove them will only cause further damage to the concrete. Ensure that you do not write on your precast wall with a permanent marker or paint. Do not use oil-based products, salts or acids on it. Acidic substances could cause a breakdown of the components. That will weaken the panels as well as the wall.  


Precast concrete barrier walls will last a very long time when they are well taken care of. Ensure that you have a qualified concrete contractor to do your barrier wall installation.  

To learn more about barrier walls, contact a concrete contractor.